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The initiatives and programmes carried out by the entity correspond to seven different lines of action.

Shared services of the E-Administration

  • We promote the use of advanced services among citizens and businesses to make the public administrations more responsive to the needs of SMEs and citizens.
  • We are continuing our work on the digital literacy programme and the programme to combat the digital, social and economic divide.
  • We are concentrating our efforts on 'digital training' and 'work-related training'.

Electronic public services

  • Our aim is to go from being the electronic administration to the efficient administration, through the intensive use of new technologies, among other aspects. These not only enable us to make significant cost savings but also, and above all, they enable us to deliver better quality public services to citizens.

Digital Economy

  • We are helping to increase the productivity and competitiveness of companies and are helping them to take steps towards internationalisation.
  • Digital content, with new business models and rights management models, are being called on to become a source of job creation and wealth.

Domains has been assigned the responsibility of managing registration of internet domain names under the country code '.es'. The actions are carried out in accordance with the guidelines set out by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade and in compliance with ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers) in addition to international market guidelines.


Its purpose is to improve the capacity and expanse of telecommunications networks to support the development of the Information Society. To achieve this, it includes both fixed and mobile ultra-fast connections capable of supporting current services and improving their performance.


ONTSI monitors and analyses the development of the telecommunications sector and the Information Society. It does so by producing, gathering, summarising and systematising indicators, studies and key information services relating to the ICT industry in Spain.

Investee enterprises works together with a number of different organisations of which we form a part through their management bodies.