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The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) is a financial instrument of the European Commission.

These funds are non-repayable grants and are managed directly by the public administrations (central, regional and local). Each of these has a quota of funds assigned a priori for carrying out projects in the region.

The purpose of the ERDF is to strengthen economic and social cohesion in the European Union, to redress the balance between its different regions. To summarise, the ERDF funds the following measures:

  • Direct subsidies for investments made in businesses (particularly SMEs) to create sustainable jobs;
  • Infrastructures linked in particular to research and innovation, telecommunications, the environment, energy and transport;
  • Financial instruments (capital risk funds, local development funds..) for supporting regional and local development and fostering cooperation between cities and regions; and
  • Technical assistance measures. is the intermediary body in the following ERDF Operational Programmes:

  • Operational Programme for a Knowledge-Based Economy (POEC);
  • Operational Programme for R&D&i by and for the benefit of Companies; Technology fund;
  • Operational Programme for Technical Assistance; and
  • Some Regional Operational Programmes, but only in relation to investments made in SMEs.