Mr Luis Prieto Cuerdo, Director of Digital Economy


Since 2012, Luis Prieto Cuerdo has held the position of advisor in the General Directorate “European Funds for Competitiveness” - Ministry of Economy, overseeing the management of funds for R&D+i, ICT, financial instruments, and financing for small- and medium-sized enterprises. He has vast experience in public administration and in the field of science and technology. He is an industrial engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and holds a diploma in Technological Management from the School of Industrial Organisation (EOI), in addition to having undertaken training in management and public management.

He has acted as deputy director general of the Information Society at the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade, deputy director general of Scientific Infrastructures at the Ministry of Education and Science, and deputy director general of Planning and Monitoring at the Ministry of Science and Technology.

In the private sector, he has been responsible for systems auditing at FASA-Renault and has worked in the software engineering division of Alcatel.