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Quality Management System
What is a Quality Management System?

A Quality Management System is a Management method used by organisations, supported by a series of documents that compile the Entity’s knowledge and methods of action.
It is a results-based method related to quality objectives to satisfy the needs, expectations and requirements of stakeholders.
This system combines Process Quality with User and Customer Satisfaction.
The main advantages of implementing a Quality System include:

  • Adapting to the demands and expectations of customers/end users.
  • A solid structure for all of the organisation’s processes.
  • Standardising and systematising of activities.
  • Strategic quality planning.
  • Identifying business areas with room for improvement.
  • Establishing global business indicators and scorecard.
  • Implementing a continuous improvement methodology by analysing indicators.
  • Adoption by personnel of a quality culture.
  • Participation and engagement of company personnel.
  • Establishing interdepartmental relations.
  • Promoting initiative and creativity.
Our Quality Management System

Aware of the importance of these systems, has implemented a Quality Management System based on the UNE-EN ISO 9001 Standard, in line with the entity’s Mission and Vision. This tool allows us to contribute to turning Spain into a fully networked society as soon as possible.
The Quality Management System is a support tool for achieving our objectives and promoting the corporate values of commitment, proactiveness, efficiency and collaboration. This will enable us to improve our relationship with citizens, partner organisations and administrations in order to provide them useful services adapted to their needs.
The most useful resource to achieve this goal is our personnel. Therefore it is important that this System also contributes to continually improving their working conditions and professional and personal skills, thus motivating them to achieve the objectives set.
This policy will be periodically revised at least once a year according to the organisational needs and the spirit of the Quality Management System.