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Strategic Plan

In today’s context, characterised by an increasingly globalised world subject to continuous changes in technology, a more digital society is required, adapted to addressing new challenges and opportunities.
The agency has prepared a Strategic Plan for 2020, necessary to define the path to follow in order to optimise its services and increase the quality and impact of its activities.
The principle behind the Strategic Plan is “redesigning what we are to transform what we do”, and it undertakes to remodel internal and external operations. The goal is to advance towards a more efficient and collaborative model, at the forefront of technology and which promotes cutting-edge, high-impact digitalisation action focusing on the needs of its target groups.
The Strategic Plan is created to be a plan by everyone and for everyone, based on the foundations of Reference, Excellence and Digitalisation (RED). It was developed using a participation model in which different agents conveyed their perceptions and opinions on the current status of, as well as priorities for the future of the company.

The 2017-2020 Strategic Plan is based on the following principles:
  • Alignment and traceability with the European and national strategy: The Plan is conceived according to the strategic guidelines defined at national and European level, taking into account priority areas and the nature of actions contemplated at these levels.
  • Flexibility regarding national strategic priorities: The Plan is aligned with national strategy, its cores and lines of action are defined so that any additional initiatives and projects that may arise during the period can be adapted to the plan, thus ensuring its versatility and focus on the objectives of the Ministry.
  • Continuity: The Strategic Plan not only contemplates new projects and actions, but it also covers programmes already scheduled or ongoing and capacities within the agency in a more stable way.
  • Global vision: The vision of the Plan has a global approach as its contemplates the internal perspective -improved operations and people- as a lever to respond to external objectives -streamlined and adequate supply of services to third parties.
  • The structure of the strategy need not be directly related to the organisational structure. The Strategic Plan is a plan for everyone, therefore all areas and departments must contribute from a global perspective, adding value to the lines of action as a whole.
Mission, vision and values

The ‘2017-2020 Strategic Plan’ redefines the mission, vision and values of
Mission: Promote the digital transformation of Spanish society through innovative, core initiatives in a global environment of collaboration with public and private partners.
Vision: Become a national and international benchmark in digital transformation to improve the standard of living of society, competitiveness of companies, and efficiency of public administrations.

  • Commitment - perseverance, connection, engagement, dedication, responsibility.
  • Achievement-based approach - reconciling tensions, culture of success, results.
  • Professionalism - meritocracy, apolitical, transparency, efficiency. 
  • Innovation - proactiveness, creation, novelty, complexity, competitiveness, initiative, originality, active mode.
  • Team - joint management, unity of purpose, cohesive decisions, team spirit, common good.
Strategic cores
The ‘2017-2020 Strategic Plan’ is based on four major cores:
1. Digital Ecosystem
  • Innovative ecosystems
  • Digitalisation of companies
  • Digital talent
2. Digital Governance
  • Digital Public Services for citizens
  • Digital Public Services for Administrations
3. Digital Hub
  • A tool for analysing, monitoring and assessing digital transformation in Spain
  • Think & Do Tank is digitalisation and technology transformation
4. Digital Organisation
  • Optimising internal management.
  • People
  • Financial stability


Executive summary

Download executive summary in PDF [1 MB]. This content is only available in Spanish