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We work for digital convergence with Europe Forum
1st Edition

15 February 2017, at the headquarters of the public corporate entity, saw the first session of the “ Forum” which, under the slogan “The meeting point”, will regularly bring together various agents from the ICT sector and the Digital Economy to debate and agree initiatives on Digital Transformation and other relevant areas of the Digital Agenda. 

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2nd Edition

The second Forum was held on 16 March and entitled “Smart Culture”, with thirty participants presenting the challenges facing the cultural sector on its path towards digital transformation. The event focused on Archives, Libraries and Museums. In this second edition, the Forum was attended by the Secretary of State and Chairman of the entity, José María Lasalle, General Director José Manual Leceta, and Director of Digital Public Services, Francisco Javier García Vieira. 

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3rd Edition

The Forum on Digital Content was held on 20 April 2017. It was a meeting point where representatives of the digital content value chain, particularly animation and video games, as well as General State Administration public entities with relevance in the sector, would debate points of action to implementing in order to convert the Spanish digital content industry into a benchmark in European and worldwide.

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4th Edition

16 May 2017 was the date for the 4th Forum, which this time focused on presenting initiatives under the “Digital Motors” working group, which could serve as accelerators for the digital transformation of key sectors. The debate featured representatives from over 20 major technology companies, consultancy firms and public entities, who offered their vision and ideas on the different actions planned by 

5th Edition
The 5th Forum was held on 19 June 2017, this time the theme was “Digital Architectures” and the event dealt with how emerging technologies such as Big Data, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing or the Internet of Things, among others, can promote the digital transformation of the public sector. 
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